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Advantages of using 100% cotton duvet cover set

March 24, 2023

Have you been using duvet cover?

If you have been using top sheet before and have never used duvet cover, Please come and see the followings!

Duvet cover styles

Duvet cover is a cover made of two layers of fabric and closed by zipper, ties or button.

1.Zipper closure


2.Ties closure


3.Button closure


How to use it

As we all know, the way to use duvet cover is to insert duvet or quilt into the cover and close it with buttons, ties or zippers, so as to avoid dirt on duvet. Then we can connect the ties on four corners and middle of the edge on duvet cover to the loops on duvet, which also can fix the position of the cover.

1.Ties on duvet cover


2.Loops on duvet


Why we prefer duvet cover sets

Everyone knows that it is very troublesome to clean large home textiles. Especially in winter, we have to clean the duvets on the bed once a week or twice in order to keep clean. In addition, if it is not properly cleaned, duvet will be clumped, damaged and no longer warm. So we recommend using duvet cover instead. The use principle is to wrap a layer of cover around the duvet core, so we only need to clean the cover regularly, which saves cleaning time and protects it. Making duvets can be used for a long time is another way of economic and environmental protection.

Advantages of 100% cotton duvet cover

We recommend duvet covers 1000 thread count, besides its skin-friendly and soft features, it also has many advantages.


1. The cotton duvet cover has good moisture absorption and drainage. The cotton fiber will absorb moisture from the air, and the moisture content can reach 8-10%, so it will feel soft and comfortable when contacting with human skin; When the humidity of the cotton fiber is too high and the ambient temperature is high, the moisture in the cotton fiber will evaporate, so that the cotton fiber will maintain a water balance, so that people will also feel comfortable.

2. The cotton duvet cover has good warmth retention. Because the cotton fiber itself has the characteristics of porosity and good elasticity, a large amount of air will be stored between the cotton fibers, and the air is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton quilt cover has good thermal insulation.

3. The cotton duvet cover has certain heat resistance. Experiments have proved that under 110 ℃, only the moisture on the surface of the cotton quilt cover will evaporate without damaging the quilt cover itself, which fully proves that the cotton quilt cover has certain heat resistance.

4. The cotton duvet cover also has certain alkali resistance, washability and durability. As we all know, the commonly used detergent is alkaline, and the cotton quilt cover has certain alkali-resistance, which can ensure that the cotton fiber will not be damaged in the alkaline solution, which is conducive to the cleaning of stains.

5. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, which has no irritation and side effects in contact with skin. Long-term use of organic cotton sheets is beneficial to human health and has good sanitary performance.


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