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Effects of Weighted Blankets 0n Insomnia and Anxiety

November 22, 2022

Weighted blankets have emerged as a potential non-pharmacological intervention to ease conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.  A study published on Journal of Sleep investigates whether using a weighted blanket before bed resulted in higher saliva concentrations, higher release of melatonin and oxytocin, and differences in sleep duration. The 1-hour increase in salivary melatonin from baseline (i.e. 22:00) to lights-out (i.e. 23:00) was found to be approximately 32% higher (p = 0.011). The study is the first to show that use of a weighted blanket may lead to a more pronounced release of melatonin at bedtime. The research team will continue to investigate over the next few months whether the observed increases in melatonin are therapeutically consistent with the previously described effects of weighted blankets on insomnia and anxiety if weighted blankets are used consistently.





Meth, E. M. S., & Brandao, L. E. M. (2022). A weighted blanket increases pre-sleep salivary concentrations of melatonin in young, healthy adults.Journal of Sleep Research.


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