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How to choose a suitable pillow?Pillow for neck and shoulder pain

March 27, 2023

About one third of a person's life is spent in sleep. The quality of sleep directly affects a person's mental state and health. Therefore, the importance of a good sleep cannot be underestimated. As an indispensable partner for everyone when sleeping, pillows play a key role in the quality of a person's sleep.

1. Misunderstanding in choosing and using pillows

Choosing the right pillow varies from person to person, which does not mean that it is good to buy expensive ones. The best thing is to buy some at a reasonable price and try to use it more. As long as you don't feel stiff and sore after waking up, this pillow is suitable for you.

In general, we should pay attention to the following misunderstandings:

1. Don't choose a pillow that is too soft, because it is easy to cause deformation. It is difficult to maintain the normal height, resulting in the inability to support your cervical spine.

2. Don't choose too hard pillow, unless you think your head is very iron

3. The pillow should not be too high or too low, which is easy to damage the cervical spine.

4. The pillow should be placed on the head and neck, and then not over the shoulder. Don't only use half the pillow, and don't use it without pillow.

2. How to choose the height of the pillow?

In order to keep the curve of the neck consistent with the upright position when a person lies flat on the bed, a pillow needs to be used to fill the gap between the neck and the bed. This height is not very different for most people. As long as the pillow can support the weight of the neck, it can provide a maintenance for the physiological curve of the cervical spine. If the neck cannot be supported, then the physiological curvature of our cervical spine will gradually become smaller, and the bow may become straighter.

If you like to lie on your side, you need to consider a pillow of moderate height. Generally speaking, the height of the pillow needs to refer to the width of your shoulder, which varies from person to person. As long as the cervical spine is always kept in a neutral position, there is no big problem.

3. Common pillow types and recommendations

(1)Pinch pleat down pillow


Our Pinch pleat down pillow king size set of 2 are made of 95% goose down and 5% feathers, which make them luxurious, supportive, breathable, and comfortable. Our combination of feather down resists clumping and flattening, while providing comfort and support.

The pillow cover is made of 100% cotton fabric material to stay soft, breathable, and dry. No Odor peculiar smell and No irritation. The naturally breathable fabric that will give superior comfort against your skin.All product materials are carefully selected, strictly inspected and well constructed to make the pillows durable to daily usage.

(2)Hotel Pillow


The soft, lightweight microfibers recreate the luxurious plushness of real down, bringing you amazing huggable softness to indulge in. The silky-smooth cover completes the down-like coziness for you to snooze the night away. It helps encourage neutral spine alignment and will respond nicely to your head position during the night. Meanwhile provide sufficient cushioning to alleviate stress or soreness for truly restorative slumber.

(3)Buckwheat pillow


Buckwheat husk is the most traditional material. Its advantage is its plasticity. Pressing it in the middle with your hands can shape the wavy shape that suits the physiological lordosis of the back of the head and cervical spine. It can also be adjusted in height as needed. Basically suitable for everyone, suitable for people who have different requirements for pillow height.


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