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Pillow can be washed

March 31, 2023

Every day when we sleep, we usepillows. The quality of the pillow will actually affect the quality of our sleep. But everyone also knows that the pillows used every day are actually very easy to breed bacteria and mites. To reduce these threats, we need to clean our pillows. But many friends ask: Canmy pillowbe washed? We can washedsheets & pillowcases, but can pillow be washed? Of course the pillow can be washed, but pay attention to the skills.


We come into contact with pillows every day, and it is also the easiest place for mites, sweat stains, and bacteria to breed. It doesn’t any help if just clean thepillow cases, So, how do we clean pillows? Below we will bring you the easiest way to clean pillows. Come and learn about it with us, hoping to help you.

1.Memory foam pillow

We all know thatmemory pillowsare made of special materials, have the advantages of good support, not easy to deform, and comfortable elasticity. So be sure to take the correct cleaning method.

Cleaning method: Now the memory pillows on the market are equipped with pillowcases, so the focus of cleaning is on the pillowcase. The cleaning method of pillowcase is the same as that of general clothes. The cleaning of the pillow core can be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid exposure to the sun. If the pillow core is accidentally soiled during use and must be cleaned, press the pillow in cold water to clean it. After washing, squeeze and drain the water, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry.


2.Down pillow

As the name suggests, the down pillow is filled with down, which has good fluffiness and is very comfortable to sleep on. It will not put pressure on the head and neck, and has excellent air permeability. Because of the particularity of down, you should also pay attention to cleaning to avoid lumps and damage.

Cleaning method: Feather pillows are highly absorbent. If you wash them with water, they will become heavy and inconvenient. Under normal circumstances, you only need to beat and ventilate the down pillow to keep it soft and dry, or it is also a good choice to dry it with a hair dryer. If the pillow must be cleaned, wash the key parts by hand first, and then put it in the washing machine to dry it. It is best to add a few wool balls or tennis balls to the washing machine to ensure that the pillow will not be knotted and it will be easier to take it out. Pat the down down.


3. Microfiber filling pillow

Microfiber filling pillow is mainly made of artificial synthetic fiber, which has poor elasticity, air permeability and water absorption. If it has been used for a long time or has not been cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and become the cradle of mites.

Cleaning suggestions: machine washable, hand washable, preferably once every 3 months. If it is for sterilization, it can be dried properly, but it should not be exposed to the sun.


The above is the correct cleaning method forpillowsthat we have brought to you. If you have a headache about how to clean your pillows, you might as well try the coups we introduced. I believe it will definitely help you make your pillows look new again. The same ascotton percale sheets & pillowcases.


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