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When to change beddings

April 02, 2023

The quality of life is often reflected in some details, such as the sheets and bedding used at home. Many families in foreign countries pay great attention to bedding, regard bedding as consumables, and often replace it; while most people in worldwide are not very particular about bedding , the requirements for choosing bedding products are not high, in fact, this idea is wrong!

Everyone may overlook the importance of best linen bedding, and think that bedding is just a tool for sleeping, but it is not.

Five reasons tell you why you need to change bedding frequently.


01 Bedding also has a shelf life

All bedding, such as egyptian cotton bedding, 400 thread count bedding,1000 thread count bedding, bedroom bedding bedspreads coverlets, quilts, and pillows, have a shelf life like food. After a certain period of use, there will be functional aging. For example: the fabric of the set will become thinner, easier to tear, turn yellow, The color is dim and the original elasticity is lost; the filling material of the quilt core will appear hard and agglomerate, the warmth retention will be reduced, the distribution will be uneven, and the moisture absorption will be reduced, resulting in greatly reduced softness and comfort.

The use of over-aged bedding is likely to reduce the quality of sleep, so regular replacement is a must.

02 The need for health and hygiene

Mold and mites are easy to breed in bedding products after a long time of use, such as pillow cores and quilt cores, which cannot be washed frequently, and the dirt and bacteria hidden inside cannot be ignored. Long-term use and best bedding for night sweats may also cause skin allergies, asthma, etc. disease; patients who already suffer from asthma should pay more attention.

Ignoring these problems will cause no small hidden dangers to human health. Therefore, we should not only wash the sheets bedding and quilt covers frequently, but also change the bedding sets regularly.

Especially in the hot summer, when bacteria multiply, more attention should be paid to changing the bedding regularly.


03 Bedding should also have four distinct seasons

Just like the clothes we wear, the fabrics and fillings of bedding have their own seasons, so choosing different fabrics in different seasons can get twice the result with half the effort for our sleep. Each season naturally has different requirements for the color, material, thickness, etc. of the bedding.

For example, the weather is humid and hot in summer, so when choosing bedding, the key consideration is how to increase breathability and comfort; for example, choose bamboo bed sheets , 300TC tencel lyocell in winter, you need to choose good warmth and skin-friendly. Such as flannel bedding, percale bedding, 600 thread count bedding, and so on.

In addition, you can choose cool colors for bedding in summer, such as light green, light gray, royal blue, white and other colors, to give yourself a fresh and cool feeling, while warm colors are suitable for winter.

04 Give life a little surprise

Changing into new clothes or hairstyles can make us happy all of a sudden, and changing into a set of bedding that we like is also the key to regulating our emotions.

Home bedding can play the role of embellishment and adjustment of home life. If the bedroom you sleep in is full of those two sets of bedding that are changed all year round, it must be lacking in the interest of life. We can dig out the joy of life in the bedding, give yourself and your family a sense of ritual, and use the printed bed sheets to adjust Emotions, create surprises.


05 Bedding can adjust mood

External things and the environment can promote people's emotions to a certain extent, and of course improper use can also have adverse effects. Appropriate bedding and its colors can help relieve people's fatigue and bring people sensory enjoyment.

Feng Shui pays attention to the harmony and unity between people and the environment. Reasonable deployment of home environment and overall style can make people happy physically and mentally and live a happy life.

If you feel that you are easily nervous and depressed, you can change to a set of green or purple bedding. Because these two colors will bring people a fresh and romantic feeling, and can also make people feel the warmth of home, so as to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind. We have many different colors for organic cotton to be choose.




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