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Comfort by the Numbers: Decoding Comforters & Shams

March 29,2023

Our engineers created the perfect microfiber fill.

We shave millions of hypoallergenic fibers until each microfiber mimics the texture and heat-insulating properties of natural down, but retains the breathability of cotton. The fill is perfect for all seasons, so you never have to switch your quilt comforter midyear. It's a great option to be used as summer donna and pillow cases.

Don't worry about swapping midyear -- our quilts and coverlets has perfect temperature regulation all year round.


No irritants, allergy-free, and certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to be safe for you and your loved ones.

The best quilt comforter on the market. We specially engineered our coverlet for perfect temperature regulation in winter and summer by using 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill to mimic the heat-insulating properties of natural goose down and the breathability of cotton. The result is a lofty, lightweight, and breathable duvet.


If you know how to enjoy life, you will want to bring this warm happiness to your parents and family.

If you like it but haven't bought it yet, congratulations, you will get a one-click improvement of sleep experience+quality of life+happiness at home~

Check our store and have it now.

Don't forget to match it with a favorite quilt cover and pillow case~


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