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Hotel Linens Wholesale-Ruholiving

April 15,2024

When outfitting a hotel, the quality and comfort of linens are paramount, as they are essential to ensuring a pleasant stay for guests. Achieving the perfect balance of elegance and durability is the cornerstone of hotel linen selection. A company that provides a comprehensive range of hotel textiles can help create a lasting impression. Ruholiving is a manufacturer known for providing such hotel linens, towels, and bedding sets. Their elegant and high-end hotel series products strive to make guests feel at home with a touch of luxury.


The hospitality industry often requires personalized solutions to meet its diverse needs, which entails customizing products to align with a hotel's brand and style. With services like OEM and ODM, Ruholiving caters to these bespoke requirements. They offer customization options right from the material design to product development, including logos, color cards, and packaging. This level of service allows hotels to infuse their unique identity into the products they provide to their guests.

Moreover, investing in wholesale hotel linens can be financially advantageous for hospitality businesses. Wholesale purchasing from trusted suppliers like Ruholiving can ensure competitive pricing without compromising on the quality hotel guests have come to expect. In summary, the right supplier not only meets the demand for quality linens but also adds value to a hotel's brand through customized offerings.

Understanding Hotel Linens Wholesale-Ruholiving


In the hospitality industry, Ruholiving is known for its comprehensive range of hotel linens that combine style with functionality. They offer a cost-effective solution for hotels looking to enhance their guests' experience with comfortable, high-quality linens.

Types of Hotel Linens Offered by Ruholiving

Ruholiving's inventory includes a diverse selection of linens tailored for hotel use. Their collection ranges from basic bedding sets to moreluxurious options, ensuring there's something to suit various hotel classes and guest preferences. They provide:

● Sheets and Pillowcases: Available in different materials, including cotton and polyester blends.

● Duvets and Comforters: Crafty designed for optimal warmth and weight.

● Towels: From bath to hand towels, designed for absorbency and softness.

Benefits of Wholesale Purchasing from Ruholiving

Purchasing wholesale from Ruholiving presents multiple advantages for hotels. Hotels benefit from:

● Cost-Effectiveness: By buying in bulk, hotels can access competitive prices.

● Customization: Access to various options for custom textiles allows hotels to curate unique guest experiences.

● Consistent Quality: Assurance that all linens match a high standard, leading to a seamless look and feel across the hotel.

Quality Standards and Certification for Ruholiving Linens

Ruholiving adheres to rigorousquality control measures to ensure their linens stand up to the wear and tear of hotel use. They are also mindful of meeting certification standards. Their linens boast:

● Industry Certifications: Including eco-friendly and safety standards.

● Material Quality: Only premium fabrics are used, which uphold against rigorous laundering processes.

● Inspection and Testing: Every batch of linens undergoes thorough checks for durability, colorfastness, and size consistency.

Navigating the Purchase Process


Purchasing wholesale hotel linens requires attention to detail and an understanding of supply logistics. The process entails selecting products, customizing orders, and managing delivery in a streamlined manner.

How to Place a Wholesale Order with Ruholiving

To begin an order with Ruholiving, buyers must first review the available hotel bedding sets. The process typically involves:

● Selection: Choose the desired linens from Ruholiving's extensive collection.

● Contact: Reach out through the provided channels—website form, email, or phone.

● Details: Specify the quantity, type, and if available, the size of linens required.

Customization Options for Bulk Orders

Ruholiving acknowledges the uniqueness of each hotel and offers:

● Design Customization: Options range from fabric selection to pattern design.

● Branding: Incorporate the hotel’s logo or specific color schemes by request.

Shipping and Logistics for Wholesale Orders

The final step in the process involves the distribution of your bulk order:

● Confirmation: Once the order details and customizations are confirmed, Ruholiving will provide an estimated delivery schedule.

● Delivery: Ruholiving ensures that orders are shipped with considerations for cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

Logistical Support: Assistance in managing and tracking shipments until they reach their destination.

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