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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket | Easy Care Instructions

March 11,2024

Weighted blankets have become a popular aid for those seeking a better night's sleep or a way to calm anxiety. The additional weight, which typically comes from glass beads or plastic pellets, is designed to provide a gentle, even pressure across the body, resembling the sensation of being hugged or held. This pressure can help improve sleep, reduce stress, and ease symptoms of insomnia. However, the unique construction and materials of weighted blankets necessitate special care when it comes to cleaning to maintain their effectiveness and longevity.


When it comes time to wash a weighted blanket, it is important to check the manufacturer's care instructions, as the materials and construction can vary widely. As a general rule, many weighted blankets are machine washable on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild detergent. To safeguard both the blanket and the washing machine, it can be advisable to use extra-large, commercial washers for heavier blankets to prevent damage to household machines. If the blanket contains any tough stains, spot cleaning with a mixture of mild dish soap and water before washing can often treat the area without harming the fabrics or the weight distribution.

After washing, drying the weighted blanket requires care, as the weight can cause strain on certain dryers. Air drying is the safest option, laying the blanket flat to prevent the fill from bunching, but some blankets can tolerate low heat in a dryer. It’s important to check the tag or product instructions to ensure the chosen method aligns with the blanket’s specific needs. If in doubt, consulting tips from trusted resources on how to wash a weighted blanket can save time and ensure the blanket remains a long-lasting comfort.

Preparing Your Weighted Blanket for Washing


Proper preparation can prevent damage to a weighted blanket during washing. This involves inspecting the blanket for stains and damage, selecting an appropriate detergent, and understanding the blanket's specific washing instructions.

Inspecting the Blanket

Before washing, one should thoroughly inspect the weighted blanket for any specific areas of dirt or staining. Ifstains are found, applying a gentlestain remover can pre-treat them before the main wash. For blankets with aremovable cover, separate the cover from the weighted insert—it might be washable separately.

Choosing the Right Detergent

For washing weighted blankets, it is recommended to choose agentle detergent. The goal is to create mildsuds that can effectively clean without causing damage to the fabric of the blanket. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they can break down the material over time.

Identifying the Washing Instructions

Thecare label ortag attached to the blanket should have the manufacturer'scare instructions. If the label indicates "spot clean only" or suggests using adry cleaner, then it is best to follow these guidelines to avoid damaging the blanket. For machine-washable blankets, usecold water—this will help in preserving the fabric and prevent shrinkage.

Washing and Drying Techniques


When laundering a weighted blanket, careful consideration of the materials and fillings is essential. Select the appropriate method to ensure the longevity and integrity of the blanket.

Machine Washing Method

Materials: Ensure the blanket ismachine-washable before proceeding.Heavy blankets over 20 pounds may require acommercial washer at a laundromat.

1. Preparation: Check for amachine washable cover and remove it if present.

2. Settings: Use agentle cycle withcold or warm water to prevent damage tofibers likecotton,rayon, orwool.

3. Detergent: Opt for amild detergent and avoidbleach andfabric softeners which can degrade fabric quality.

4. Load: Place the blanket evenly in the machine to avoid imbalance.

Hand Washing Method

Materials: Ideal forweighted blankets with materials that are more delicate or when a washing machine is not suitable.

1. Preparation: Fill abathtub withcold or warm water.

2. Washing: Submerge the blanket and use amild detergent togently wash.

3. Soaking: Allow the blanket tosoak for 15-30 minutes.

4. Rinsing: Drain and refill the tub with clean water to rinse thoroughly.

Drying Your Weighted Blanket

Materials: The filling type – whetherglass microbeads orpolyester fibers – will dictate the best drying method.

● Air Dry: Lay the blanket flat or hang it up toair dry. Ensure it's completely dry before use to prevent mildew.

● Dryer: If the care label allows, use adryer in alow or medium setting. Periodicallyfluff the blanket to ensure even drying.

Each blanket’sweighted blanket care guide will provide the best practices for that specific product on whether tomachine-wash,hand-wash, or use a specificwater temperature. Regular cleaning minimizes allergens and is essential if it's frequently in contact withfood orpets. Properstorage after cleaning can extend the life of your weighted blanket.

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