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How to maintain the bedding

March 30,2023

1.The cleaning frequency of percale bedding (excluding filling) can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. Before the first use, it can be rinsed once in the water to remove the paste and floating color of printing and dyeing on the surface. It will be soft to use and will not fade easily in the future.


2.In addition to the special materials and those indicated that they cannot be washed with water (such as silk), generally speaking, the washing procedure is as follows: first pour the neutral detergent into the water of the washing machine, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, and then put it into the egyptian cotton bedding after the detergent is completely dissolved, and the soaking time should not be too long. Because the use of alkaline detergent or the water temperature is too high, or the detergent is not evenly dissolved or soaked for too long, it may cause unnecessary discoloration. At the same time, light products should be washed separately from dark products to avoid mutual dyeing. After cleaning, it can be dried in an outdoor ventilated place. If you want to use a dryer, please use low temperature drying, and the temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, to avoid excessive shrinkage.


In short, carefully read the washing instructions of the relevant products before washing.

Before washing the products with decorative accessories, be sure to remove the lace and pendant first to avoid damage.

3.Please clean it, dry it thoroughly, fold it neatly, and put a certain amount of camphor pills (not in direct contact with the product) in a dark place, low humidity, and well ventilated place. The quilts products that have not been used for a long time can be dried in the sun before being reused to make them fluffy again.


4. Special precautions:

A. When washing flax linen sheets, it is not allowed to rub and twist hard (because the fiber is brittle and easy to fuzz, which affects the appearance and service life).

B.When collecting organic cotton,egyptian cotton and cotton percale products, pay attention to keep the environment clean and prevent mildew. Light and dark products should be stored separately to prevent shading and yellowing.

C. White silk products cannot be put in camphor balls or camphor boxes, otherwise they will turn yellow.

D.Except for the single-hole fiber pillow, the rest bed sheets and quilt cover can be washed, but because of its thickness, it must be fully dried, so that it will not affect the reuse. It is best to use pillowcases at ordinary times to avoid the trouble of washing.


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