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Know more about Quilts & Coverlets

March 25,2023

Have you ever encountered such a situation? It's cold to sleep with the air conditioner on in summer, but it's hot to sleep with the duvet. It's cold and hot repeatedly all night, and very easy to catch a cold?

That may be because you didn't choose the perfect bedding. Here we will introduce quilts &Coverlets.

Know more about quilts&coverlets


Unlike duvet with conventional thickness, the quilt&coverlets is thin, usually with two layers of outer fabric, and a thin layer of filling microfiber in the middle layer and then quilted. It can also be divided into summer quilt, a kind of quilt for summer. There are also some patchwork quilts&Coverlets.

 How to distinguish quilt and coverlet? Generally, the coverlet has more delicate stitches than the quilts, and the thickness of the coverlet is thinner than the quilt quilts.


Types of quilts&Coverlets

Materials can also be divided into different types, such as pure cotton, washed cotton, cool feeling, and Tencel. Different fabrics also bring different textures.

The washed cotton quilt&Coverlet is brushed, so it is more skin-friendly and soft when used, and the process of pre-washing before leaving the factory is used to make the fabric more flexible. The washing process will also maintain the color of the fabric itself, which is not easy to fade after repeated washing.


The Tencel quilt&Coverlet is luxurious and smooth, and it uses high count and high density weaving. It is softer than pure cotton fabric. You can feel the cool feeling when used, helping to reduce the temperature of human body, so it is recommended to use in summer. Of course, Tencel fabric also has the characteristics of moisture absorption. The quilt made of natural eucalyptus fiber maintains its natural and safe quality.


The cool feeing quilt&coverlet is made of a kind of fabric called cool feeling. The cool feeling fabric is a kind of fabric with certain elasticity. Its characteristic is that it feels cold to the touch, and it is somewhat similar to the texture of mesh. There are many mesh holes on the fabric. So the quilt made of this fabric is very breathable, and the elastic soft silk cover on the body is also a good experience.


Advantages of Quilts & Coverlets

In terms of use, as previously said, we can use it at night in summer. When using air conditioning, its thickness will not make you feel cold.

In winter, some families use heating. At this time, the room is very warm. We can also choose a light quilt. It won't make you feel oppressive. In the quilt, you can move freely and help you finish a high quality sleep.

From the perspective of appearance, elegant quilts can make your room look more exquisite. Decorating the room with beautiful bedding can make you relax enough after work, thus bringing you happy mood.

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