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Understanding the Hotel Linens

March 28,2023

Most of our sleep time is spent in our own bed, and high-quality sleep requires a set of comfortable bedding, which can greatly enhance our happiness.But occasionally, we also need to stay out, such as business trips, travel, etc. Have you found that when staying in some high-end hotels, their bedding feels like a cloud, which is especially comfortable for people who are prone to insomnia?RUHOLIVING, a 20-year hotel bedding manufacturer, will answer for you.

Vital pillow


Pillows can be said to be the most critical factor in improving the sleep quality of guests. At present, many hotels will provide "pillow menu" for guests. We usually do hotel pillows for sleeping 2 pack come in three heights, so you can choose the bed pillow that best fits your needs and preferences. Stomach sleepers need a soft, thin pillow; side sleepers should choose a thick, firm one, and back sleepers need something in-between. No matter what kind of pillow you like, you can find the most suitable one.

The experiment proved that when the pillow with a height of 6-9 cm sleeps, the EEG first appears a stable rest waveform, indicating that the brain smoothly enters a stable sleep state, and the sleep quality obtained is also the highest. So the pillows prepared by star hotels for guests are basically 6~9cm high, soft and well supportive.

High quality bedding

In addition to paying attention to the fabric of bedding, star hotels pay more attention to the "thickness of yarn count" of bedding. For example, all fabrics are made of cotton. The finer the yarn, the more difficult it is to weave, the more procedures, the higher the equipment requirements, the higher the cotton quality requirements, and the softer the corresponding fabrics will be. Of course, the more comfortable the bedding will be.


The hotel bed linen inspired duvet cover features a dual striped embroidered border and includes coordinated pillow shams.Made using extra-long staple cotton yarns, our 80s yarn count duvet cover set are the perfect combination of smoothness, breathability, and durability. The lightweight and cooling bedding also provides absolute comfort from night sweats all year long.

Hotel down duvet

Most of the duvet used in hotels are down quilt cores, which is because down quilt cores have the indispensable advantages of fluffy, thermal insulation, moisture absorption and so on.

1. Thermal conductivity

There are three ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, convection conduction and radiation conduction. Our daily heat preservation is to block heat conduction. The lower the heat conductivity, the better the heat preservation. Down is the lowest (5.93), wool is 15% higher than down (7), and cotton is 40% higher than down (9.72)

2. Heat preservation rate

Down is 81%, wool is slightly lower than 75%, and cotton is only 63%! This also explains why down jackets are more popular in cold places.

3. Fluffy degree

The same 1 cubic centimeter fiber material, the larger the volume after expansion, the more fluffy it is. The higher the fluffiness, the more air can be locked, and the better the thermal insulation. The expanded volume of down can be as high as 383 cubic centimeters, three times that of wool (101 cubic centimeters) and five times that of cotton (77 cubic centimeters).

4. Weight

The weight of down is the lightest, 1 cubic centimeter down is only 1.14g, wool is 1.32g, cotton is 1.54g, 35% heavier than down!

5. Hygroscopicity

A normal adult's sweat in the evening is 100g. As an animal fiber, down has many triangular pores and the surface layer contains waterproof oil. It can quickly absorb and disperse human sweat, keep the quilt clean and dry. The moisture absorption performance of down is 15% higher than that of wool and 50% higher than that of cotton quilt.

6. Service life

The service life of down quilt is basically more than 15 years, which is far longer than wool quilt (7-8 years) and cotton quilt (3-5 years).

7. Washable

The goose down quilt with good quality not only does not drill down, but also does not run down after washing, and bounces back quickly after drying. The standard of goose down quilt customized by star hotels is 300 times of washing.Now RUHOLIVING brings hotel products into our daily home, so that we can enjoy high-quality sleep at home.

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