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What comes to mind when you think of a coverlet or comforter? Warm, cozy sheets? Perhaps you're picturing someone who sleeps on the opposite side of the bed. That's fine; comforters and coverlets are designed to be used for sleeping, not for decoration. We'll discuss the various kinds of coverlets and comforters that are available on the market, their features, and the benefits of purchasing one for your house in this blog post.

What are coverlets and comforters?

A coverlet is a kind of quilt or bedspread that is used to cover a bed's mattress and/or sheets. On couches and chairs, coverlets are frequently used as accent pillows. A comforter is an extra-large coverlet used to keep the bed warm.

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How to care for a coverlet or comforter

It's crucial to care for both the coverlets and comforters that is draped over the bed as well as the bed itself when it comes to bedding. A comforter should only be machine-washed on cold with a gentle detergent and dried in the sun or on low heat, while a coverlet should only be dry-cleaned if there are obvious stains. Ask your bedroom professionals at Bed Bath & Beyond if you have any questions about how to care for your coverlet or comforter!

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