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Doona covers are one of the great innovations in home decor. Not only do they keep your bed warm, but they add a touch of luxury and style to any bedroom. Today, we’re going to take a look at the history of bed doona cover, and discuss some of the different types that are available on the market today. We’ll also give you tips on how to choose the perfect cover for your needs. So whether you’re in the market for a new doona cover or just want to stay warm all winter long, read on for all the information you need!

What is a RUHO cover?

A RUHO cover is a soft, cotton sheet that is used to cover a bed. It is usually folded in half and used as a pillow. The term "RUHO" is frequently used in Australia to refer to the quilted insert that forms the top layer of your bedding and is encased in a RUHO cover. It is a trademarked product of The Tontine Group, which is also the maker of many of the quilts that Australians love and is typically stuffed with feathers or other synthetic materials.

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