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Waffle coverlet

Comfort, style, and functionality are three factors that are important when it comes to bedding. Additionally, there is a growing trend toward more fashionable bedding options, even if many people still view bed linens as being purely functional. The waffle coverlet is one such choice. Waffle coverlets are ideal for bringing a touch of luxury to any bedroom because they are made from opulent materials like cashmere and silk. They not only look amazing, but they also offer extraordinary levels of warmth and comfort. Consider buying a waffle coverlet if you want to add something unusual to the design of your bedroom.

What is a waffle coverlet?

An afghan crochet pattern that is made in the round is a waffle coverlet. It is created with a slip stitch in the middle of a number of rounds that alternate double crochets (DC) and single crochets (SC). The waffle bed cover will be about 42 inches long and 36 inches wide when finished.

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