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Weighted Blanket

We provide all kinds of customization services, including material designing, product developing, And logo, color card, packaging customization are available.

Factory Introduction

Choose Nantong Ruholiving for unparalleled quality, attentive service, and innovative solutions. Elevate the comfort and luxury of your establishment.

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  • Located in the heart of Chongchuan District, Nantong City, our expansive factory spans an impressive 19,680 square meters and houses over 300 sets of state-of-the-art production equipment.

    Our manufacturing facility boasts an array of specialized equipment, including 2 automatic carding quilt filling lines, 2 automatic carding pillow filling lines, 2 ultra-wide multi-needle sewing machines, 10 single-needle forward step machines, and 200 high-speed lockstitch machines, as well as 80 towel looms and more than 20 sets of auxiliary equipment.

    Backed by an elite team of professionals dedicated to development, production, and sales, we offer meticulous and professional services. We keep pace with market trends and consumer needs, regularly introducing new products to meet evolving demands.

Characteristic of Weighted Blanket

Cottons are in high demand, all thanks to the comfort and productivity gains they provide. At RUHO Living you can find the best and most comfortable cotton.

Cottons are in high demand, all thanks to the comfort and productivity gains they provide. At RUHO Living you can find the best and most comfortable cotton.
  • Helps relieve anxiety and stress

    As we all know, more and more people feel anxious because of the pressure of work and life, and it is difficult to fall asleep at night. Research shows that the weight of the gravity blanket can release the pressure in the human body and make people fall asleep faster.

  • Glass beads filling to give the weight

    The gravity source of the weighted blanket is glass beads. Add glass beads in two layers of microfiber to fill, so that the glass beads are evenly distributed to each quilted pocket.

  • Replace quilt and use blanket cover for better cleaning

    Weighted blanket is different from ordinary blanket. Its cleaning method is much simpler than ordinary wool blanket or velvet blanket. Most people use the blanket cover when using the blanket. In this way, when it is dirty, they only need to take off the cover and clean it without taking it to the laundry for washing,which is very convenient.

Cotton with your custom logo and colors

Custom designs benefit your business

Ruholiving is a professional design, manufacturer and sales of home textiles factory, which focusing on home textile industry for 16 years,It provides OEM&ODM service. Including material customization, product printing design, product logo design, packaging, etc. Competitive product prices, prompt delivery, packaging, shipping, customer service assistance are a few pillars that make us a leading cotton supplier. Contact us today for the best custom options and solutions.


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