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Importance of bedding set

March 26,2023

Bedding is a necessary item in every family. It will be used all year round and is closely related to our life. There are many kinds of bedding in the home textile market, and the quality is also uneven. Today we will learn how importance of good bedding to us?

Harmless of inferior bedding

1、 Easy to cause hand, foot and mouth disease

Bad bedding are easy to become hotbeds of bacteria and viruses due to their rough workmanship and materials. Because children's own resistance is weak, they are vulnerable to attack by viruses and bacteria when they are sleeping. Many children with hand-foot-mouth disease are caused by parents' neglect of this point and lack of protection during sleep.

2、 Induced asthma

A large number of studies have confirmed that dust mites are closely related to bronchial asthma. In recent years, three surveys in the United States have also confirmed that dust mites, cat hair and cockroaches are important triggers of bronchial asthma. There are many places where dust mites breed, and the bedding that is not properly cleaned is also one of them. People who come into contact with the bedding directly during sleep can easily become the target of dust mites.

3、 Skin allergy

Skin allergy is an allergic reaction of the body. It is an abnormal reaction of people to normal substances (allergens). Allergy occurs only when the allergen contacts people with allergic constitution.

There are hundreds of types of allergens. Some people often have little red spots on their faces after sleeping. This is actually an allergic phenomenon. Some chemicals in the production process will remain in the inferior bedding, and these substances have certain irritation to the skin. Some people's skin is naturally sensitive, and they may be allergic and cause discomfort.


Bedding products accompany people for about one third of their life, but its importance has always been ignored. The simplest way to solve these problems is to change bedding. Some people can't help asking, is a bedding set really so magical?


Ruholiving Luxury 1000TC cotton bedding set is made of 100% cotton fabric, not polyester fiber or suede material, but natural and breathable pure cotton material. It can absorb moisture from human body, evaporate and disperse these moisture, maintain a comfortable feeling of human body, maintain a dry environment and protect our skin from stimulation.


The bamboo bedsheets have a natural cool effect, these sumptuously soft and moisture-wicking bed sheets are ideal for any skin type, making this sheet set the ideal bedding for hot sleepers and night.The texture of bamboo fiber is different from that of cotton. Its feel is similar to silky smoothness, and the fabric looks shiny.As a true natural environmental friendly green fiber, bamboo fiber also has the characteristics of antibacteria, and provide a breeding environment for bacteria and viruses, thus protecting people.


300T cotton quilt&coverlet set is exceptionally soft, breathable, and comfortable. Lightweight for cozy feeling. The pre-washed cotton fabric is more soft and harmless, and it can also be used for sensitive skin without causing allergy. In hot weather, the light and thin quilt will not make people sweat easily. The light and thin texture and proper thickness reduce the burden of sleep and improve the quality of sleep all night.

A healthy body can't be exchanged for any amount of money. Good bedding can only improve our sleep quality, but also improve our sleep environment and keep us away from some diseases.Finally, let's have a healthier life, starting with a good bedding.RUHOLIVING. Create the best bedding for you.

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